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Virgo Horoscope eBook Your Virgo horoscope eBook is roughly twice the Feng Shui Yearly Forecast Rat Year - 25 Jan to 11 Feb

Things will remain on a romantic note during this period of time. The rest of the year looks bright for lovers and you can plan to go on a vacation with your lover to some romantic destinations. Just make it sure it is a trip only for the two of you and do not tag any friends along with you, predicts Aries Love and Relationship Horoscope. According to the Aries Health Horoscope, overall things will remain on decent terms for your family especially from March to July Some sort of problems and issues may surface from 23 rd September but things will soon be resolved as predicted by the Aries family Horoscope.

There will be a huge party and get together planned at your home front in the middle of the year.

2020 Astrology Calendar: Retrogrades, Full Moons, and More

As per the Aries Health Horoscope , students need to focus on their studies during this time as the time lost will never come back and luck will also not favor you much. Your mother will enjoy good health but you still need to be careful about her health in the middle of the year.

Try and avoid getting into an argument or disagreement with your mother that may cause her mental stress and anxiety which may have adverse effects on her health. Your father will also get promoted after 30 th November We use cookies to optimize your experience on our website and to personalize content. By continuing to use the website you agree to our use of cookies. Find out more. Home Horoscope - By Pt. Aries Horoscope. Order Now. Year Select all. With the dawn of , a new time frame begins and the influence of the transiting planets on the natal Trending Articles.

This period will fetch rewards for your hard work. A close female friend will serve to be your helping hand and will give you all the support that you will need. The prevailing stress in your married life may decrease, however, the transit of Jupiter can create a rift between you and your life partner.

2020 Aries Horoscope eBook

You need to be alert for the same after planet Jupiter retrogrades. Past the month of June, the field of research will pique your interest. You will be required to concentrate on your studies if you want to achieve good results. You may switch your stream of education during this period. There are chances that you will set your foot on a foreign journey, but stay alert as there are chances of accident.

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Jupiter governs the sixth and ninth house of Cancerians. The year will start with Jupiter posited in your sixth house as per Jupiter Transit This will help you to get rid of your existing health problems. However, you should try to consume fresh and healthy food if you do not want your digestive system to suffer.

A loan that was pending will be repaid by you. This will help you take a burden off your chest. Following the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn, you will be able to expand your business as you will possess the required money and skills.

There might be problems and misunderstandings among your family members. Make efforts to reunite your family. You will emerge victorious in matters of litigation. The retrograde motion which will start on 30th June will bring about some serious problems in your married life, which you will be required to take care of. As the retrograde period ends, singles may find the love of their life. The fifth and eighth houses to your Moon Sign are ruled by Jupiter. Your performance in your educational field will be remarkable.

The harder you work, the better results you will get.

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You will have the support of your seniors as well as your teachers. Going abroad for pursuing higher education will be easy for you. With the transit of Jupiter to the moon sign Capricorn, you may have to face health issues. Your opponents will try their best to bring you down during this time. Avoid switching your job during mid-year. Stay away from controversial matters. You will benefit from your marriage. Being careful during the end of the year is advised. Avoid giving or taking loans during this period.

Issues with your life partner will get resolved, and the environment within the house will be better. There are chances of you going to a pilgrimage with your better half.

Also Read: The benefits of Acupressure Massage. Planet Jupiter will be in your fourth house during the beginning of the year. It, being the lord of your fourth and seventh house, indicates expansion in business as per Jupiter Transit You may also plan to lay the groundwork for a new business venture. Business partnerships during this phase shall prove to be favourable. Virgos will be able to bag the job of their choice. You will enjoy a lucrative salary package as well.

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Your hard work and efforts done at your workplace will be financially rewarded. You may lay your hands on a promotion. Jupiter Transit also explains that because of the Jupiter transit in Capricorn, you will excel in your studies. Your relationship will your children will improve. Try to reconcile with people with whom you have problems. You may own a new home or a vehicle. As Jupiter retrogrades, your lost love may step back into your life. Chances of love marriage are high.

Childbirth in your family during the end of the year will bring happiness. If you apply for a loan, it will get sanctioned. You may also get to hear some good news. Any doubt related to your family? Get your answer by our Family Expert Astrologer. Jupiter rules the third and sixth houses from your Moon Sign.

It will be placed in the third house at the beginning of the year. You will enjoy an ecstatic married life. You will be a loyal and committed partner and will set an example for others to follow. Some great achievement in the life of your soulmate during this period is predicted. You are likely to get more attached to your mother while Jupiter transits.

Her teachings and blessings will be your keys to success.