Whatever it is, it's sure heading your way! It is highly likely that you will be on the move today, predicts Ganesha. You will be actively shuttling from one location to the other for work or social purposes.

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Business meetings and conversations will be the basis of all your thoughts. Business proposals may take shape later in the day, feels Ganesha. Immersed in a pool of thoughts, you are busy in the mood of introspection today. Besides this, you are on a creative high and may think of giving your lovely abode, a makeover.

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Doing up the interiors will take up most of your time. At work, your superiors are in awe of you due to your commendable efforts, says Ganesha.

A memorable time with like-minded people is on the cards today, says Ganesha. At work, you may try everything in your capacity to attain perfection, but perfection will remain restricted to your thinking. None of the innovative ideas striking your mind will actually come into force. But this will not deter you in any way, and you will continue to remain optimistic and move ahead with equal enthusiasm.

Today, the slump in energy will beat the daylights out of you!

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Yes, the day does improve later and sudden good news will take you by surprise. But be careful about meeting deadlines, says Ganesha, as you need to maintain your niche in the scheme of things. You will find yourself embroiled in tough situations at the work-place today.

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However, do not let it make you pessimistic. Even if things do not work out as and when they are meant to be, you will find that as the day progresses, things begin to fall in place of their own accord. Come evening, you should see yourself in a much more relaxed state of mind, after a hard day's work, says Ganesha. Follow us on :. The science of astrology enables you to know what the future holds for you. By getting a rough idea of what the new day is going to be like, you can go through it smoothly without panic. Complete your TV viewing experience with the best of Hollywood entertainment channels.

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By the evening, the Moon shifts into tenderhearted Cancer, putting the focus on family, community, and how we feel. With the Moon teaming up with unconventional Uranus in Taurus, we might find ourselves craving to break free of anything that may be holding us back or holding us down emotionally. This Moon-Uranus combo also asks that we learn new ways to emotionally respond to old problems or issues, especially as the Cancer Moon squares off with wounded Chiron in Aries by the late evenings , which could trigger some painful feelings. Luckily, with the Sun and Mercury joining forces in compassionate and healing Pisces, talking about what we feel with those that we love can have a therapeutic effect.

Read below to see what the stars mean for your sign today, and make sure to check out your March monthly horoscope. You pride yourself on your independence, which is not a bad thing, but today you may need to get honest with yourself that you need your family and community right now, if only for the emotional nourishment that they can bring. Take care of your spiritual and emotional well-being.


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You might have a lot on your plate today and that may include people that need your help. While you may want to help, you may need to speak up and let people know what you can and can't do, so you don't end up taking on more than you can handle right now. You might feel like the odd duck out today, which could put you at risk at overextending yourself to others as a way of making them happy. However, your homework for today is to honor your worth and live according to your own values, not anyone else's.

You're the boss. If you find yourself comparing your success or happiness to that of others today, take a moment to step back and celebrate what you've already done and who you are. In other words, focus on believing in yourself and the possibilities that lay before you.

Remember, you set the trend. You might be ready to make some big moves when it comes to your goals or your professional life, but you may need to sit with this feeling for a while to ensure that what you feel isn't stemming from boredom or a need to do anything, just as long as it's something different. Take time to reflect. You like to be in control and take charge of situations as you might feel like there's no one that can do things the way you do them, and while that's true on some level, you may need to call on the help and support of others if you want to get ahead.

Give folks a chance to pitch in. When it comes to relationships, you have an ideal in terms of what you want, but you may need to consider if what you want is realistic. Not that you have to settle for what you don't want, but you may need to adjust your expectations. And it starts with being more accepting of yourself.